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Intruder Alarm Systems
Systems are designed to meet customers needs and satisfy their Insurers requirements by specifying British and European Standards.
Systems may be as basic or complex as the application justifies.
Monitoring of the system may be by dialer for contact with key-holders or to an alarm receiving centre using either a digital communicator, a monitored telephone technique such as RedCARE or with dual path signalling using a combination of telephone line and Cellular (GSM.) technologies.
Detection devices are chosen for their reliability and correct application to minimise false alarms.
CCTV Systems
Cameras are specified to be external or internal, fixed or pan, tilt & Zoom (PTZ). Cameras may be clearly seen to act as a deterrent or discreet thereby maintaining a low profile security for visitors and staff.
Recording may be on site using hard disk storage and/or off-site by an approved manned guarding security organisation.
Whole areas may be viewed at the same time in the safety of a secure room.
CCTV systems can be used to either substantially reduce the amount of guarding or totally eliminate their requirement making huge savings in the security budget.
Access Control - controlling doors remotely by a pre-programmed electronic system
Access Control may be used in a range of applications from controlling a single door to controlling multiple doors connected to a computer system on-line, designed in a modular format so that your security can grow with your organisation or your needs.
A combination of External and Internal doors may be controlled
Individual staff may be given authority to access certain doors but not others and differently within pre-specified time bands.
Readers may use proximity, PIN, smart card, biometric or a combination of some or all technologies.
The access control system may be integrated with other systems including door entry, CCTV and Fire Alarms.
Door Entry - controlling doors remotely by personal selection
For controlling a range of entrance doors including blocks of flats, care homes or commercial premises.
Audio two way communication with the external entrance door panel and by adding video, viewing the visitor prior to opening the door.
The door may then be released by pressing a button on the system telephone handset.
Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliance, if required.
Access Control facility can be added to the system for residents or staff.
Fire Alarms
Systems designed to L1 or L2 for protection of Life or P1,2 3 or 4 for automatic fire detection protecting both Life and Property.
Systems designed for analogue control panels or fully addressable.
Full cause and effects requirements interfaced and programmed.
Monitoring by an approved Alarm Receiving Centre who will notify key-holders and fire brigade.
A range of detection devices to suit the application including Heat, Smoke or a combination of both. Smoke beams and flame detectors.
Warnings of fire may be given by sounders, beacons or voice annunciation depending on application and requirements of DDA.
Fire Extinguishers
Specified and supplied with signage
Portable or fixed extinguishing systems linked to fire alarms.
Training in the use of extinguishers offered on your premises or in our training room.
Nurse/Warden Call Systems
A reliable means of communication between residents/patients with staff giving confidence that the correct level of response is given to a call.
Monitoring of Systems
A vital link between the monitored premises, the key-holder and emergency services.
24 hr 365 days a year manned to BS 5979 and operatives certificated.
Complementary Systems
Refuge Systems
Disabled Toilet Alarms
Staff Attack Systems
Induction Loop Systems
Water Detection Systems
Emergency Lighting
Service and Maintenance
An agreed servicing program can be arranged, where applicable to recognised standards.
We will be pleased to survey, assess and quote service contracts for third party systems in addition to systems installed by ourselves.
CAMS® is Approved by NACOSS, an approval scheme operated by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI), for security Systems to Gold Standard operating a EN ISO 9001


CAMS® is a subscribing member of the BSi (British Standards Institution). Membership #41110354
LPS 1014 Certificated Fire Detection
And Alarm System Firm
Certificate No CFA-190

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