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Certain professions where staff are vulnerable to attack require the ability to summon assistance. Such examples are in Mental Health units or treatment areas for drug addicted patients.
Staff Attack Systems may be manufactured by Guardian and SAS.

Attack buttons
Attack buttons which may be waist or pendant type are worn by the medical staff.and used to raise an alarm at a central control unit.
The importance of identifying the location of the member of staff requesting assistance is of paramount importance and therefore infra-red transmitter buttons and receivers are used to clearly identify the position of the staff member requesting assistance, Hence the receivers are positioned in defined locations for ease of identifying by supporting staff.
Central Control Unit
The control unit incorporates a display for identifying the location of a call and the status of the unit.
The control unit on receiving an alarm transmits a wireless signal to a pager carried by the staff which displays the location of the member of staff seeking assistance.

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